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  • Jacqui

    Gosh that just sounded like me. We have been married for 20 years,and yes,it is just a little flat and I do get annoyed about how much he doesn’t do. So I’m going to turn it around I realise I usually come home and put my pjs on so now I’m going to make more effort and try and see what he does do. As for my body I git some lovely moisturiser as a Mother’s Day present and Im finally going to use it daily. Thank you this talk really resonated with me and I’m going to take action now!

  • Tania

    For me the biggest thing I will start doing is hugging my husband and let him know that I love him.
    As for building a relationship with my body, this will be feeding my body healthy food that I need, and enjoying the exercise that I once did.

  • Pamela

    I am a day late with this. But it’s ok. I am a nurse. My job is taking care of others,healing others. Wow! After seeing this I realize that I don’t take care of me. Starting right now I am committed to healing myself. Today I will begin the process of learning to nurture and care for myself.
    I am committed to nurturing my relationship as well. Tonight a quiet evening with my love. This is so exciting โ™ก

  • Rachael

    I need to show up more in my relationship every day, especially when I am rushing to go to work and when I get home from work. To do this I think having my lunch organised and work clothes lessens my rush time in the morning, and I like the idea of getting changed and putting on my feminine self when I get home; and secondly, I like my body, but I have never loved it. I want to paint my toe nails or at least have a foot bath every week and wear lipstick more often.

  • Shelby

    1. I appreciate my anonymity to a great extent. It doesn’t mean I’m not open. It doesn’t mean I don’t to be part of my community. It means I value my personal time. That being said I’m feeling open to interacting with my community in a healthy and thought provoking way. Maybe a writing group, meditation class, study group etc. I often lump socializing into the category of “going to the bar” which feels not where I’m at. In reality there are a lot of options that I would like to pursue

    2. I, with the participation of my husband, am putting a weekly date night into place on Saturdays. Mobile device free. We’ve never had a formal date night before. We’re alternating turns. We’re both excited.

    3. Referring to my body as a she. Informally checking in with her throughout the day to figure out what the heck she needs. Tonight her tummy was upset and she was tired so she had some probiotics and a nap. Meditation practice every day after work. It can be 10 minutes.

  • Lisa Parker

    I definitely need to start instigating love with my husband and going on dates, we put are children first all the time and forget about us a lot. As for my body I’m really struggling with the idea of being ok with ‘her’ I do tend to my skin but probably not often enough so I guess I’ll start there.

  • Lisa

    My side of the street…..I think there are possibly a few areas here that need work….like accepting help no matter how little and not coming across as stern and cross all the time.
    As for my body- I really don’t have too many issues there….but definitely moisturiser each day is something to add-I regularly get a full body massage….maybe more walks just for fun and get my bike out more๐Ÿ˜€

  • Delyth

    -Skin routine
    -Bio oil
    -Drink more water
    -Do my hair & make up more often
    -Start dancing again
    -Allow myself a day in a spa just for me without feeling guilty!!!

  • Sarah

    Ok, in my relationship I need to attend more I am so stressed at work that I come hone and moan, I have enough of me for my kids but not my man… Am going to focus on him more… ‘re my body, I am going to dress myself better and continue with my exercise which I am thoroughly enjoying!!!

  • Emma

    I am going to smile more when at home instead of frowning as I have so many things to think about. I am going to book a date night with my husband rather than wait for him to do it.
    I am going to moisturise my body every day.
    I am going to book a massage

  • Gerry

    I’m going to start ticking off what’s on the to-do list, look at starting to date and moisturise and look up dance classes and teaching myself to do my make up well.

  • Abbie

    The video got home with me today, big time. I am going to try and be more present in my relationship by instigating intimacy instead of fearing it because of my body shame. I realise my husband really is not bothered by my imperfections but he is bothered when they bother me.

    I am going to try and switch off (or at least turn the volume down) on my incessant internal criticism. I hope to do this through thanking my body for what it does give me and by looking for opportunities to practice self-care.

  • Barb

    My number one struggle is that my weight loss has stalled. A year ago I started a low carb diet and lost 15lbs in the first 6 monts. Yay. But I’m still a10 -15 lbs away from my goal and I can’t seem to get any further. For the last 6 months I’ve lost the same 3 lbs about 6 times and it is very frustrating.
    My one fun thing to do today…Take a hike in the woods behind our farm. It’s raining, but I can dress for the weather and enjoy the signs of spring with some “April Showers”

  • Rae

    Wonderful video, kind of hits home to where I’ve been. Lately my body has been making me feel icky lately. My back hurts, my stomach is upset, I feel heavy and ungainly. I want to regain back a sense of ability and movement. Today for fun I am going to spend time outside in the sun with my family.

    • Sarah

      Your body is sending you loving communication- so glad you are going to have some fun today!.

  • Michelle

    2nd video Love & Body
    1. I’ve been using the excuse of an upcoming surgery to put off losing weight. Which should’ve been just the opposite. No more excuses. I will be off work for 2 weeks, so I can get a good start eating better and planning our meals.
    2. I’ve also been very stressed out about all of the tests and the upcoming surgery and let that affect my romantic life. I know I’ve constantly been stressed and snapping at my husband for every little thing. Last few days I have really tried to not take it all out on him. I need to remember that he is worried and stressed about it also.
    3. So what am I going to do about it all and how am I going to start treating my body better? Little things that I can do while I wait to be able to exercise again are simple things like taking better care of my skin- getting it ready for summer, walking, and getting more sleep.

    • Sarah

      Yes! Sleep is super important as well as drinking more water. Walking is a great way to melt some stress too.

  • RAE

    I have been the same weight since I was a teenager, but my recent challenge with my body has been a back injury that means I don’t trust my body as much any more with activity, which has meant I’m not as willing to get out and have “fun”! Some great physio recently has meant that I am just starting to feel like I can do usual things again that I love, like gardening, yoga and jogging. Today for fun I am taking my children to a local jazz festival which will be relaxing, something different for us and easy family time too. I am usually distracted when I eat so I will try to change that over the next day or two and see what happens! Thanks for the video

    • Sarah

      A jazz festival sounds great- so fun. Enjoy!

  • Abbie

    I have struggled with food and had a destructive relationship with my body since I was 8 years old. Over the past 30 years I have binged, starved and purged myself around a hateful cycle of self loathing. I’ve been a uk size 4 to an 18. I’ve been treated for anorexia, bulimia, self-harming and depression. After many years of psychotherapy I found some peace and managed to stabilise my weight and stop the most harmful behaviours.

    Whilst I no longer class my eating as disordered, I remain an emotional eater with a long standing hatred of my body.

    For fun I need water! Preferably the sea, in it, on it or near it! I started sailing 5 years ago and have never looked back. Racing a yacht is one of the only times I think and care very little about food or my body as I’m so focused on the wind and water. Today I plan to meet some friends and walk by the sea.

    • Sarah

      Walking by the sea sounds super healing for you! Glad you have found ways to start loving yourself more.

  • Lisa H

    This was such an enlightening video to watch. I haven’t had an issue with my body or weight up until I turned 40 and then I noticed it was WAY harder to loose any weight that I put on. Am certainly feeling very positive and willing to give all suggestions a go!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!

    • Sarah

      I like to give myself some loving thoughts each day- while showering or brushing my teeth. Simple gratitude statements- like- thank you legs for carrying me all day. Try that ad keep me posted.

  • Tracey

    Thanks you so much for making this video Sarah, and for its accessibility!!
    My relationship with my body at the moment is horrible – I’m disscusted and disappointed with myself on a daily basis. I was always very thin growing up and never had to worry about what I ate. That all changed after having children and now food and my weight are always at the forefront of mind.
    I feel I’ve forgotten how to have fun and what I even enjoy anymore – so end up doing things I don’t really want to be doing.
    BUT for today’s fun we going to take the kids to mini golf and the scooter park and have some lunch out – all enjoyable things.

    • Tracey

      * disgusted – brain fade – knew it didn’t look right??!!

    • Sarah

      I understand completely. Having fun shifts the focus from food/weight to having fun and it moves mountains energetically. Keep me posted!

  • Janine

    So the part that really got me in this video was what I do for fun. Something I’m really struggling to work out. I moved cities with my family 4 years ago, it was a great move…except for leaving my friends behind. I had a life threatening breakdown about 5 years agoand moving for mecwas a positive thing – we moved back to my home town, where all of my family live. We love the lifestyle here and finally have a home we’re all happy with. But. I don’t have fun, just me fun. I do things with the kids, but lately have been feeling abit lost in myself. I need to make some friends and start discovering what really does it for me. So, that’s what I took from your first video Sarah. I really have no idea of what I want to do for fun today. I’ll have a girls day with my daughter as planned, and really give some thought to me, and what is fun for me.

    • Sarah

      Hi Janine! I would try making a list of things you want to try for fun that seems doable- and then jump in. Maybe a walking adventure around the city in a new neighborhood, a painting class, reading at a cafe by yourself, etc.. Have fun!

  • Lindsay

    My struggle with my body has always been my weight. I’ve always been a larger person, and my mother is a tiny little thing. She never wanted me to struggle with my weight like her sister did. So, at 10 years old, she brought me to weight watchers. This began my lifelong struggle with weight and food. Through out the year I have been on weight watchers 5 times, I’ve done South beach, I’ve been paleo, I’ve gone vegetarian, I’ve done juice cleanses and no sugar diets. I’ve even had gastric bypass surgery. I’ve always struggled and the weight has always crept back in. My surgery was 7 years ago, and the weight has been slowly coming back. But what I’ve realized is even scarier than gaining the weight is how weak my body is. That is terrifying! When I was larger I was strong and vibrant, And for the first years of my drastic weight loss it was still strong and vibrant. But over the past 2 years I’ve felt my body weaken and my glow diminish. I’m terrified it’s not going to come back!This is why I have joined the challenge.

    What am I doing for fun today? Well..that is a good question. I’m on call all weekend, I have to be available to pick up phone calls and reply to emails within 30 minutes all day! SO, While I have a break today, (for about an hour) I’m going to go for a walk. It’s not something that makes me go WOHOO fun…but it will allow me to be outside and enjoying nature, which is fun for me.

    Thank you Sarah for the video, the program, and for sharing your story. It’s inspirational.

  • Sarah

    So, interesting start – I have just been for a run 9well gentle jog and gossip in the sunshine with a lovely friend!) then came back to do squats, push ups etc….just grabbed some breakfast and tea to eat whilst watching this video – and gobbled it without really even tasting it in the 1st part of video!!
    For me I have always struggled with my body – I am curvaceous and all of my friends have always been very thin with little curves – so I therefore saw myself as overweight – I now look back on photos of my younger self and there was not a jot of fat ANYWHERE! Hindsight eh?!? I have very large boobs and have spent my life trying to hide them – I even saved and saved for a breast reduction (with the belief that all would be great once I have a ‘normal’ size bust..) this feeling lasted weeks, maybe months but it was my self esteem that was the issue not my bust (I obviously did not recognise that at the time!)I associate my body with over sexualisation (I do not know why…?!?) perhaps it was because it was always older men that showed interest in me not my peers – so I saw this as leery/letcherous and would hide my body away in baggy clothes etc.
    I have a husband who loves my body – even currently when I am significantly bigger than I was when we 1st met..however it is my head space and lack of self esteem that plays on my mind and effects my views on my body….I will keep thinking on this and feed back to you all.

    SO – my fun for today – well my fabulous daughter has been desperate (for days now) for me to play on the trampoline and I have found excuses and keep saying tomorrow I will darling, tomorrow I will – well TODAY I WILL (have just made myself cry writing that). Ok enough for now. Share more later.

  • Pauline Akrill

    Great video. Today for fun I am going to play lego with my nephew.
    My struggle with my body has been all my life. I am 52 and have been the fat bird since I was 12. I have been on and off diets all my life. I lost a lot of weight after my marriage split when I was 36 but have put the weight back on and extra too. My partner says he doesn’t care about my size but I do. I have no self esteem and I usually dress like a bag lady (ha ha). I am going to try the uninterrupted eating and see what happens. Thank you Sarah.

  • Nikki

    1. My relationship with my body has always been a struggle. I’ve had a “spare tire” since I was 6 and my older sister would make fun of me for it. As I got older, I was the heaviest one out of all of my friends. One night at a sleepover that I wasn’t invited to, a friend of mine told me that a pair of my pants were at the host of the parties house and the other girls checked the size and threw them around the room laughing about how large they were in comparison to what they wore. I was mortified. From that moment on, I yo-yo dieted my whole life. Found success by suffering through diets to only wind up gaining the weight plus more back when I went off of it. I now have a lot of yukky things going on in my life that has landed me in the heaviest shell of my body that I have ever been and I think back to when I was thinner and how much fun I was having in my life by going out with friends and being involved in sports and activities. I do zero of those things now.

    1. What lll do for fun today? Visit with my niece who is 8 years old and my best friend these days. She lights up my life and really puts things into perspective with me.

  • sari

    3: Eating without distraction is definitely more of a challenge than I expected. Worth persisting with this one though I think! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sarah

      Definitely Try it in little blocks- 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc…- it gets easier and you won’t believe the things you notice.

  • carla hall

    thank you so much for this thoughtful and accessible video. i have so much going on in my mind right now about my relationship to my body, food, pleasure, and essentially giving myself the permission to be happy and joyful. i wonder when did the conversation with myself about deprivation and ‘i don’t deserve…’ begin? when did i begin to believe that i wasn’t good enough? well, i suppose i could linger there, and i will i’m sure, on this journey of self-acceptance…but something tells me i need to move forward to get out of that cycle. my biggest fear is that i won’t be liked, or i’ll be perceived in a negative way, or that someone will disagree with me, or i won’t succeed…the FEAR goes on, and i’m beginning to see, the germination of that negative cycle. so how can i break that terribly destabilizing, crippling, and painful experience? how can i (and i’m beginning to see that it is i, i have a choice here) break free?
    the biggest message i heard from the video is ‘live more now’, don’t wait. wearing red lipstick, buying fresh flowers, taking a bath…such joys immediately canceled FEAR and took me to such a happy, adoring, gracious and sacred place. it was like a different part of my brain was firing up (and probably actually was, serotonin surge!).
    while watching, a lot of painful memories came up for me…growing up in a familial environment where ‘thin and fit’ were praised, where emotions and were expressed through silence and shutting down, where indulgence was a stress release but then admonished…later in life these played in addictions to alcohol, smoking, shopping…things that were a vehicle for immediate escape, but needed again and again. i struggled with alcohol and hit bottom six years ago, and am now 6 years sober. i quit smoking almost a year ago. i recognize that i still like to shop but i’m allowing myself the ‘pleasure’ part. i used to binge with food, but in recent years food has been more about control and deprivation rather that sustenance and enjoyment….through all this, i’ve struggled with depression and anxiety.
    i really appreciate the opportunity, now, to look at all this, because now i am ready, and now i want to live to my full potential. it is about LIVING!
    thank you! carla

  • Kate Lister

    My #1 issue with my body was an absolute discomfort with it before I had three kids in 7 years…and now it’s even more unrecognizable. I have always struggled with comparing myself to others and now it’s crippling. I have a super successful career in a field I love, and I am often told just how in control and confident I am. But I can’t seem to make that translate into my feelings about my body. I also have a family history of heart health issues and I constantly stress about the bad habits I have and how that is potentially doing damage I can’t even see. I turn 40 this year and I know it’s probably not great to focus on a milestone I just really want and need the time to be now…to feel better and own my happiness. I’m behind on the last two challenges (though admittedly I often do but myself flowers and have many red lipsticks in my repertoire) and I’m late getting to today’s so I’m going to insert the fun tomorrow. We plan to decorate eggs with the kids for Easter and I think I will aim to do so without stress…so not worrying about spills and mishaps, not trying to perfect their art, not dressing about broken eggs…just enjoying the extra day off work I have to spend quality time with the littles.

  • Tania

    First I have to say thank you for this video, it’s given me so much to think about, at the moment I’ve been struggling with the way my body is, as this time last year I was 4 weeks out from being on stage in a fitness competition and now I’m now where near that and I have been struggling to come to terms with it.
    As for the fun thing I’m going to do today, well that is going to be sitting outside with my 2 beautiful girl and my loving husband for a picnic.This I’m sure will help me start the eating without distraction side of things as well.

  • Melinda Arcuri

    My number one struggle with my body right now is finding a way to get moving again which is enjoyable and “fits in”. I naturally eat a very healthy diet but have had some hormonal issues that have thrown things off for me and my metabolism. A body that I once knew how to balance has gotten me stumped. Today I left the office a few hours early to by myself a shirt with a pair of earrings for the holiday in my favorite color combo…royal blue and yellow.

  • Lisa Parker

    My #1 struggle at the moment is eating all the wrong things and too much of it including alcohol. I don’t take the time to have fun, so while I work out what is I want to do for fun, today I will spend time with my extended family which I really enjoy. Trying to eat without distractions will be challenging but I will give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to make some life changes.

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