A letter to my body

When Annabelle was six months old, after doing a workout class with lots of mirrors and skinny women, I had one of those “oh crap. I look like sh*t” moments. And I knew in an instant that I could go down the rabbit hole or I could tap into what is true about my body. […]

Want to lose weight more than anything?

I got an email from an old client telling me that she appreciated everything that I was doing, trying to get women to create an amazing life, “but I really just want to lose weight, that’s what I want more than anything.” I’ve been known to give a little tough love so I responded with… […]

I need your help on this one…

We are so hardwired to believe that life will be better and easier when we are thin. WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM??? I honestly have no idea, which is where you come in. Can you remember when you first learned that your personality would change if you could lose some weight?  Did someone tell you […]

The crazy reason this magazine rejected me

Hmmmm. We went back to them and said that this piece isn’t about the weight. The most we would report was “I lost weight, a lot of weight, but my life was so amazing, it didn’t even matter.” Plus, I instruct all of my clients to throw out their scales and this woman hadn’t weighed […]

What to do when your man insinuates you could lose a few

“I MEAN, you were just a lot stronger during your first pregnancy, and I want this pregnancy to be easy for you.” No sh*t Sherlock, probably because when I got pregnant the first time I didn’t just have a baby like 10 minutes earlier. (If you’re new here, I’m pregnant, which happened when my first […]

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