Are you treating your body this way?

If you had to give your body a career, what would it be?  Would she be a professional hugger? A human maker? A pleasure seeker? An intuitive? An artist? Really. Think about it. Maybe she already is one of those things.  But… are you nurturing that career?  Or are you pushing her into being something […]

Why I don’t workout

In college I used to slog across campus in the snow in my sweat pants, Uggs and huge puffy coat at 5:30pm to the “Estrogym” to burn off the calories I had consumed during the day.  The Estrogym was a dimly lit, poorly ventilated hallway by the racketball courts where 6 elliptical trainers, 4 treadmills […]

Your Ideal Weight

You may be thinking I’m gonna throw some BMI calculation at you… if that’s the case, we don’t know each other well enough yet;). Women spend a lot of time thinking about how they want to look or how they “should” look. If I’m being honest with you, part of me would love to be […]

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