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  • PAMELA Hanan

    I love this whole amazing concept! I am having trouble getting on to the modules. HELP!

  • Lisa

    Since starting the challenge, which by the way came at a time when I really needed it. I have stared to think about what I want in life and with the simple steps shown by Sarah the program has started me on a journey I don’t think I could have done by myself so thank you

  • carla hall

    the best change i’ve noticed since beginning live more weigh less challenge is that i am excited when i wake up. i’m excited to take on new challenges and events. i’m excited to go home after work to my lovely apartment that i am cleaning and nesting. i am excited to see the world with more joyful and confident eyes. i am thinking less about worries and loneliness and self-criticism and more about the moment, the beauty around me, the beauty i’ve created in my life, ALL that I have accomplished, and excited to move, move now and forward…what exciting things will happen today? how will I creatively solve any obstacles? how will accept pain and frustration and disappointment, move through it, and onward?

    I just feel really excited to be me!

  • Tania

    Well my career is looking after my children and wonderful husband, for me this is my perfect career as before I was a mum and a wife, I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy, i was a baker for a big supermarket and I hated the hours that I had to work and the pressure became to much, so I made the choice to leave, this was the best thing that I had ever done. As for what I want to do with my life now, well this is where I am stuck as I don’t know where or more to the point what to do, but I think as time goes on something will turn up. Ok for being spiritual well I love to do yoga and at the end of this practice there is always some meditation and this is my favourite part as it gives me a lot of peace within myself.
    Thank you for the opportunity to watch thes great videos, it has made me start to think a lot more about my life and why I’m not as happy as I could be.

  • Sarah

    So career wise – funnily enough – I have been wanting to refocus my path…just because I am good at something does not necessarily mean it is good for me….my challenge at the moment is the things I would wish to challenge my energies on require money 1st…I need to focus long and hard on this and take time (ie not frying pan into fire…as I have done so many time in the past, when I have been feeling this way…).
    For spirituality I know I should meditate but I never give myself the time – the other thing I should be doing is playing the piano – but for some reason this is a HUGE MENTAL BLOCK for me…I really need to overcome this and work on how to do it…….playing the piano brought me hours of peace and happiness as a child…then a teacher failed me and I doubted myself and it all went away…I really need to regain that belief and passion again.
    I feel sad and lost whilst writing this – makes me realise how I ‘drift’ through my days without allowing myself to REALLY think and feel.
    Thank you Sarah – this is a biggy for me <3

  • Noreen

    Oh I was too quick to submit my previous post 😉

    For fun today, I’m going to the seaside. It’s sunny outside, so a walk on the beach, camera in hand, is what I really feel like right now!

  • Noreen

    My twisted body image stems from my early teens. I was a very active and sportive young girl. I swam, did karate and spent my days outdoors whenever I could. I loved being strong and adventurous, a bit of a tom boy. But at 12 or 13 years old it felt like a lot of people around me expected me to become more feminine. My sister had always been a quiet and slender girl and I was being compared to her. I was tall and broad shouldered at that age. I knew what I wanted and was always quick to reply. All qualities that most of my surroundings – in my recollection – disapproved off. It left me feeling that how I looked and felt wasn’t ok. I got convinced that I should not be happy with how I looked and felt in my body. I wasn’t overweight then, I was just not feminine enough. On top of that I felt unsafe at home with an alcoholic mother and absent, but demanding father. I think I lost myself there for a while, overwhelmed by feelings and alone, eating was a way to numb it all (still is I think). My struggle now is to acknowledge that, don’t be too hard on myself for it, rekindle my core beliefs, which in hind sight were so true and good and nurse my body back to health and comfort.

    Thank you Sarah! This is the second time I’m joining the Live More challenge, the first time after the mastery, and I’m still learning so much about myself. The action steps you lay out and questions you ask are really helping me to figure this out and start moving in the direction I want to be moving in. Thank you…

  • Monica

    I going to stop putting the act of ‘dreaming’ on hold. I’ve been working toward a goal of getting out of debt, and I won’t give a lot of thought to the post debt life because it makes me sad that I can’t have it right now, but I think that I need to start dreaming again. I’m also going to take a more active role in having a dating life (I’ve been very passive the past few years-mostly because I became exhausted from dating and ‘putting myself out there’). Lastly, I’m going to tell my body that she’s beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made daily!

  • donna

    looking after her… So true for me I have some health issues that need tending to in order for my body to continue to get well. So Im going to start there.
    romance and cleaning up my side. Hubby is an introvert Im an extrovert. I plan to pause me and give him time to respond.

  • Jacqui

    Gosh that just sounded like me. We have been married for 20 years,and yes,it is just a little flat and I do get annoyed about how much he doesn’t do. So I’m going to turn it around I realise I usually come home and put my pjs on so now I’m going to make more effort and try and see what he does do. As for my body I git some lovely moisturiser as a Mother’s Day present and Im finally going to use it daily. Thank you this talk really resonated with me and I’m going to take action now!

  • Tania

    For me the biggest thing I will start doing is hugging my husband and let him know that I love him.
    As for building a relationship with my body, this will be feeding my body healthy food that I need, and enjoying the exercise that I once did.

  • Pamela

    I am a day late with this. But it’s ok. I am a nurse. My job is taking care of others,healing others. Wow! After seeing this I realize that I don’t take care of me. Starting right now I am committed to healing myself. Today I will begin the process of learning to nurture and care for myself.
    I am committed to nurturing my relationship as well. Tonight a quiet evening with my love. This is so exciting ♡

  • Rachael

    I need to show up more in my relationship every day, especially when I am rushing to go to work and when I get home from work. To do this I think having my lunch organised and work clothes lessens my rush time in the morning, and I like the idea of getting changed and putting on my feminine self when I get home; and secondly, I like my body, but I have never loved it. I want to paint my toe nails or at least have a foot bath every week and wear lipstick more often.

  • Shelby

    1. I appreciate my anonymity to a great extent. It doesn’t mean I’m not open. It doesn’t mean I don’t to be part of my community. It means I value my personal time. That being said I’m feeling open to interacting with my community in a healthy and thought provoking way. Maybe a writing group, meditation class, study group etc. I often lump socializing into the category of “going to the bar” which feels not where I’m at. In reality there are a lot of options that I would like to pursue

    2. I, with the participation of my husband, am putting a weekly date night into place on Saturdays. Mobile device free. We’ve never had a formal date night before. We’re alternating turns. We’re both excited.

    3. Referring to my body as a she. Informally checking in with her throughout the day to figure out what the heck she needs. Tonight her tummy was upset and she was tired so she had some probiotics and a nap. Meditation practice every day after work. It can be 10 minutes.

  • Lisa Parker

    I definitely need to start instigating love with my husband and going on dates, we put are children first all the time and forget about us a lot. As for my body I’m really struggling with the idea of being ok with ‘her’ I do tend to my skin but probably not often enough so I guess I’ll start there.

  • Lisa

    My side of the street…..I think there are possibly a few areas here that need work….like accepting help no matter how little and not coming across as stern and cross all the time.
    As for my body- I really don’t have too many issues there….but definitely moisturiser each day is something to add-I regularly get a full body massage….maybe more walks just for fun and get my bike out more😀


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