Get Out of Body Jail Bonuses


Thanks for joining us! I promised you a cool free gift so here is your Body Jail 911 Card + Quickie Coaching Call! (worth $150)

I want to celebrate you for taking time for YOU and making yourself a priority. It’s the only way breakthroughs happen my dear!

Below you will find the Body Jail 911 Card that we discussed on the call–I want you to print out a few copies and put one in your purse, car, tape one to your mirror and pop one on the fridge. It gives you quick tips to help move you through a tough spot with food, when you’re starving and trying to decide where to get a bag of chips, binge on cookies or wanting to stuff yourself!

You’ll also get a brand new exclusive Quickie Coaching Call (8ish minutes long) where you get me coaching you through this tough moment. Put it on your phone, add it to your iTunes library, Dropbox, Google Drive (or whatever tech storage you fancy) and keep it handy.

Body Jail 911 Card

Click to download.

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911 Coaching Call – For when you’re in a tough spot

If you’re ready to discover a new way of living, take care of your body without the pain and suffering of a diet, find a new sisterhood of women who are finally breaking free, join us for Live More Weigh Less.

Anyone who registers within 24 hours of the Get Out of Body Jail Live Workshop will receive a fast-action bonus package.

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