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If you are you feeling like Live More Weigh Less might be too expensive? It’s not the right time? You don’t know if you should take Master or Self-Study? Keep reading, I’m going to answer your questions below.

“I just feel like it’s too big of an investment to make right now”

I never want to put anyone in a place of financial ruin. Ever. I created Live More Weigh Less Self-Study so you could have a super affordable payment plan of $97 dollars a month. Now, if that is feeling like it’s too much for you, I would encourage you to look at your budget and see where you can save $25 a week, that is so doable! That is one dinner out, our morning coffee or taking the bus instead of a cab. And I want you to ask yourself, do you really not have the money? Or do you feel uncomfortable spending money on yourself? Not doing things for you is probably what got you into this place of body jail in the first place. You matter, and if you can do it, do something for you.

This what Karen who just signed up has to say about it:

Spending $1500 on yourself is a dramatic thing to do. Even investing $97 a month in the LMWL self-study program can seem like a huge investment, especially when you already doubt you are worth it. But if you add up your daily coffee, the unhealthy treats you buy when you are stressed/tired/frustrated/lonely, and charged yourself $5 for every negative comment you told yourself in a week, you would easily come up with $1500 for the LMWL Mastery Program. If this changes even one part of your life for the better, you’ve earned your $1500 ten-fold!


“I don’t know whether to take Live More Weigh Less Mastery or Live More Weigh Less Self-Study.”

If you don’t know the difference between these programs, you can read about them here: livemoreweighless.com/about. I’m not going to lie, the group coaching you get in Mastery is amazing and it’s a great way to be held accountable and go really deep with the work. It is also the last time I am offering it. Self-Study is an amazing option because you get the full curriculum and support in our private members facebook group from our team of mentors. If you are worried that it won’t be enough support for you, you can always sign up for Self-Study, test it out, and then you have two weeks to upgrade to Mastery.

From Denise on signing up for Self-Study:

I really wanted to join the Mastery program, but due to some financial commitments, I was not able to now. So I was very thankful there was a Self Study Option!! I had good expectations and hopes for the program, but I was a little concerned I might not have anyone to answer my questions or support me much since I was not in the Mastery group. I have to say the welcome in the forum, the support of her many mentors (who have amazing stories of their own!) and the Jumpstart program have far exceeded my expectations of the course and we haven’t even started yet!!! One of my biggest a-ha moments is in my conscious mind I always have the goal of losing weight, but I had NO IDEA how much time I spent each day unconsciously focusing on my weight. No wonder I have felt tired and worn out!

I cannot wait to see how I change and embrace life as I go through and finish the program!


“My life is so busy, especially right now, and I don’t feel like I have the time”

I get it, you are busy. You have a demanding job, a big event, three kids or a wedding coming up. But here’s the deal, you are always going to be busy. That’s probably just how you are. That’s totally how I’m built, and I have to work at it to slow down. So you can keep doing things this way, or you can make a shift. The modules take 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours of time spread out over the week. We have two convenient times for our group calls (you can find the schedule here) each are an hour or two, and you only have to come to one call. If you can make it to four over the course of the program, you will totally get your money’s worth. Add in a little time to journal and take a bath and you’ll be in great shape. I also teach some great time management tools in the program which will help you create the time you need. Also, if you are really worried about the time, Self-Study would be a great option for you because you can take it completely at your own pace.

From Jill on being busy and scheduling:

Yesterday I did the calendar exercise from the Jumpstart program and WOW. It took me about 2 hours, but it’s amazing how much free time I actually have! I scheduled out last week and how I’ve been spending my time…I have felt for the past couple of years that I am always frazzeld and don’t have enough time for anything – for sleep, for moving my body, for homework, for friends, for fun, for anything. So over the past week I looked at where all the time is going. Turns out it’s all just a scheduling and time management issue. I can’t change my work and school schedule, but a giant chunk of my free time was spent hitting the snooze button and watching TV. I re-arranged my schedule for this week and realized I have PLENTY of time to get to bed at a decent time and a good night’s sleep (not the 4-5 hours I usually get), have time to study and work and move my body, and STILL have a TON of time for fun/”me time” and time with my boyfriend and friends. I was just shocked, and am so excited to live out this week and see how it goes!


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