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I am thrilled that you have chosen this piece of sacred jewelry to support you in your journey to a more authentic life that is the full expression of your unique soul.

The Live Now Mala acts as a powerful tool and talisman to signify your new journey and amplify your intuition, clarity, courage and femininity as you embark on this powerful journey.

Here’s a reminder of the sacred properties of the mala:

Start with intuition and dreaming. Moonstone is said to help to encourage hope, strengthen intuition and carry with it the energy of the moon. It is believed to soothe stress and anxiety while it enhances intuitive sensitivity, dreams and visions.

Put your dreams into strategy with Clear Quartz, said to clarify the thought process and emotions to increase inspiration and creativity. It’s said to balance, promoting concentration.

Have the courage to change the way you’ve been doing things with Citrine; a stone of energy, prosperity and joy. It is said to ground and dispel negative energy, encouraging positivity. Citrine is said to provide courage needed to make difficult decisions and open the higher mind to teach us to manifest and attract wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

Live in the now with femininity and confidence while wearing Rose Quartz. Said to balance the emotions, raise self-esteem, restore confidence and open the heart to all types of love, it carries a gentle feminine energy of compassion, peace + healing.

As a reminder, we are not yet releasing this to the public. Since you received first dibs, the only thing I ask is that when we are ready to launch, you post a picture of you in the Mala with #LiveNowMala and attach the link to buy. It would be so incredible to have your help is spreading the word on this sacred tool and adornment. I can’t wait to see you in your Malas!

I will be putting your Live Now Mala in the mail and sending it ground shipping. If you do not receive your package within 14 days, please let me know, but until then, please be patient:) Snail mail is full of love and not so full of urgency.

I can’t wait to send this to you and I’m so honored to be a part of this magical journey.


Design: Jane Reaction. Development: Alchemy+Aim.
Photos by Danielle Fletcher.