I’ve developed habits to help show my body that I love her, like body oils, massages, good soaps. i feel more secure in my decision to only work one day a week while building my business.I FEEL thinner and so much better throughout the day. I feel happier, and I feel like my relationship with my boyfriend has gotten better, in a subtle way because I just feel better in my skin.

My entire life feels as if it were enhanced because of this program, I can’t quite pinpoint it, but I feel a little more empowered and less alone.

LMWL was so energetic. I felt connected to everyone, I saw myself in so many of the other women, I was able to learn from and grow with them. This was such a huge learning experience for me, listening to Sarah and how she had an answer or suggestion for just about everyone. I really felt like I was part of something in this program and I felt like Sarah was my friend and mentor.

Sarah is a vessel to help us heal, but YOU have to do the work.

“Sarah is changing the way women think about their bodies. She is bright, savvy, caring and committed- your perfect champion for having a life and body you adore.”
Marie Forleo,


LMWL has been a game changer for me, my relationship with my husband, my children, and just about all of the relationships in my life have dramatically shifted.Because of this program my confidence is so much higher. I wake up each morning and feel good about myself. I have not felt this way in years. I am kinder to myself, and appreciate what my body can do more than ever. I have had those deep conversations that needed to happen, both with myself and others in my life. I feel so much closer to my family.

This program has inspired me to take a huge risk, one that I would not have done before. I joined a Mastermind to finally put my business ideas into action and am enrolling at Bauman College to become a Nutrition Consultant. I NEVER would have done this before.

I have dropped a few sizes. I feel 100% better about myself and my body. I am happier. More content. More driven. I am taking big risks. I haven’t had a binge since I started LMWL. I recognize now my need for food means that I am feeling something else.

LMWL felt like it was created for me. When I watched the videos, I felt like Sarah was speaking to me directly. I immediately knew this program would work for me and it has far exceeded my expectations. I felt loved and taken care of throughout the entire program. I felt like all of the feelings that were triggered and came up throughout the program were completely validated. I was given the tools that I needed to be successful and finally get rid of this weight for good.

I just want to say that I am so grateful for this experience. I loved every minute and am feeling so much better in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough. xoxo

Throughout Live More Weigh Less I have lost weight, but the big key here is that my obsession with what I eat has nearly disappeared. I have been opened up through my participation in this program. LMWL has left me feeling free and capable of making the changes I want to make in my life including how I interact with others, with the world and with myself. I feel hope again. I am no longer spending so much of my life worrying about what I do or do not eat!!! I feel free!!!

The community of supportive women in this program goes unmatched to any other program I have participated in.

I honestly believe that I cannot be stopped!!! Thanks Sarah…for everything…you have become so special to me!!


Sarah Jenks is a shining star in her industry. Her authenticity bleeds through every blog post, newsletter, coaching session and lecture. This woman walks her talk and is a power of example for us all.Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of “Spirit Junkie”
and Motivational Speaker
A friend told me that it seemed like I’ve really been living my life “out loud” lately.

My body is definitely smaller. When you’re self-centered teenager comments that it looks like you’ve lost weight, you KNOW something miraculous has occurred! I feel stronger, lighter, it’s easier to go up the stairs at work, and all this while having to be honest that I’ve rated myself a “1″ on the “move your body” daily habit each week!

All of the pure body changes (so far!) have come from conscious eating without distraction – where I can confidently rate myself a 10! I eat SO much less now that I really pay attention to feelings of hunger and satisfaction, but I never, ever have felt deprived or told myself I can’t eat something that my body wants. Mind blowing.

My life is so much fuller. I used to complain that when people asked me what was new, I felt like all I could say was, “I work. A lot.” Now I have so many exciting things to share (including this program!) with people that they may be sorry they asked :). I’ve gotten back into yoga, which I missed so much. I’ve done an entire tasting menu at a sushi restaurant where the chef picked everything. I’ve added pampering into my every day. I’m working on beautifying all my spaces. I’m figuring out how to find a few extra bucks to hire a cleaning lady so I can stop stressing about deep cleaning my house. I buy fresh flowers every week for my bedside table. I see signs EVERYWHERE that tell me I’m on the right path. I am noodling on a new career that plays to my strengths, the things people come to me for all the time, the things that come easily to me. I could go on and on. I think the best thing is I’ve fallen in love and lust with my man all over again, and have tried to restore feminine/masculine balance and let him take care of me a little more. That’s really what he wants, and I find it unbelievably attractive. Yay!

I have been an intuitive eater before participating in this program, but I never did it without distractions. I learned that is really the key to tuning in. When I really honor my body and eat without distractions I have discovered that I’m not really all that hungry. I’m getting out more and saying yes to things I didn’t really used to.

I am spending far less time staring at the computer screen and more time putting life back into my life.

I live less than 10 minutes from the beach. When I started this program I went about 2-3 time a year. I love the beach. Why wasn’t I going? I’ve been going once a week ever since I’ve enrolled in Live More Weigh Less, sometimes just for a few minutes but it’s a nice break in the day.


I adore Sarah, and I have since the moment I met her. She embodies a spirit of intensededication and generosity – a woman who is the epitomy of a sexy wife, bestest friend and self-care maven. Sarah has truly cracked the code to having it all, through giving deeply to herself and the people in her world. Most of us give until there’s nothing left. Sarah teaches us to give in a way that fuels our sense of freedom, fun and feeling fabulous!”Nisha Moodly, founder of Fierce, Fabulous & Free
I am so much happier since completing Live More Weigh Less. I’ve learned to control my food anxiety when I am famished and I vacuum eat way less! I walk every morning when the sun comes up and then have a cup of GREAT coffee and slowly enjoy 4 chocolate covered roasted coffee beans from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. YUM! I spend at least an hour or so daily for personal reflection, reading something inspiring or supportive for my growth. Through this i have been able to create “space” in my day to allow time to show up for myself and raise my self-awareness more.

I’ve also lost 10 pounds!
The online community for the group and the coaching calls really create a strong support system and connects everyone participating in the group.

When a friend just asked me last week to join her on a trip to Canada’s west coast, I jumped on it! I know LMWL helped me realize to take care of myself and the thought of going to the retreat left me really wanting a gal trip and the right one showed up for me!


I have less stress and anxiety in my life since enrolling in Live More Weigh Less. I’m having so much more fun and recognize the benefits of having fun rather than carrying the guilt we often take on for enjoying ourselves too much.

I see food so much differently. It’s hard to explain, but it’s not as big of an issue as it was 2 months ago. I’ve come out of my head and into my body. I took a trip to Vegas and I wasn’t tempted to eat or drink too much. I listened to my body and how I wanted to feel.

I’ve made efforts to listen to my body before, but it never worked. It works now because I have background and perspective about how to engage and tune into her. I also noticed how my friends were struggling with food. I was always too caught up in myself to realize that they were having the same struggles I was, even if they weigh less than I do. This realization has helped me to have compassion for them and also much more compassion for myself. I’ve always thought I was this crazy food monster, but if my friends are having the same issues maybe I’m just normal.

“Working with Sarah Jenks is like a breathe of fresh air. Her kind, fierce, compassionate and energetic spirit is one in a million and something that will have you thinking of every word she said in between sessions with her. She’s coached me through issues I have dealt with my entire life and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work with her because my life is truly blessed thanks to our work together.”Nitika Chopra founder of
{smile} Oh the list.. it could go on and on. The changes I’ve seen in myself are
1) I don’t seek other’s approval as much. I go within for answers to my questions about my life.
2) I am more confident in being around people and feeling like I am good enough for them.
3) I have really slowed down and taken the time to enjoy everything I am doing.
4) I am making myself a priority in my life and really stepping into creating my own life, not waiting for someone else to do it for me.I am so much more gentle with my body. The biggest thing I have seen is that I have befriended my body and realized that it has been trying to help me all along.I haven’t weighed myself, but my clothes feel looser. People have complimented me that I look great, so I definitely can’t complain.

Finally food isn’t ruling my life.

I was feeling a big void in my life and could not figure out what it was. During the career module, I realized that I didn’t want a career and that I could be happy staying home and taking care of my home and kids. That was a big breakthrough for me because I often thought that the void was some work thing I needed to do that I wasn’t. Then during the Spirit Module I was feeling so down and talked to Sarah about my purpose in life. I was always seeking some ”big” thing and waiting for it. She asked what I wanted in life. I told her to feel peaceful and fulfilled. She said, “Well, there is your purpose. To feel peaceful and fulfilled in everything you do, it doesn’t really matter what you do.” I couldn’t believe it was so simple, but it completely 100% shifted my whole life. I realized there wasn’t a prize at the end of our life (that I know about anyway) so I didn’t have to try so hard to be perfect. There wasn’t a set goal. I couldn’t believe it. I just got to experience and live my life seeking peace and fulfillment and have fun along the way, and my body was this perfect vehicle to let me do that!

This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Ever.
I’m definitely aware that this is so much more than a quick fix program, and I truly feel that I’ll be re-working these sections from LMWL for months (years?) to come!! Practice makes perfect. The work in LMWL goes so incredibly deep (so far beyond weight loss) that I have a lot to absorb and integrate into my daily life. The first amazing shift was that I lost my desire to binge eat crappy sweet stuff almost immediately. Over the eight week program, I slipped up a couple of times into old eating habits (when I let stress take over), but I was able to quickly correct my direction and prepare healthy food again (which I absolutely prefer now). I started taking more care with my appearance, and chose some new clothes that suited my body and made me feel great. I got a great new haircut, and I made sure that I had adventures every week.

I had more fun in eight weeks than I’d had in years!

There are many small changes (like more muscle tone, feeling trimmer, looking and feeling so much healthier and happier) after LMWL, but the larger changes are at a deep level that only I’m aware of. Since taking LMWL, I feel like I have an entirely new relationship with my body. After years of feeling like I was “bad” for being overweight, it was truly amazing to be in an environment where love, self-acceptance and pleasure was the dominant focus. I gained such an appreciation for the wisdom of my body and how amazing my life is. During the eight weeks of LMWL, I had more fun and adventures than I’ve had in years. I treasure my friends, and I love the simple pleasures of preparing and eating healthy food. I started swimming again (which I love), and I feel stronger, healthier and happier than I did before. But the deepest change was in my heart and soul. After a lot of crappy stressful years of grief and turmoil (death of my parents, career stress, etc.), I needed the gentle, positive message of LMWL. I needed to learn how to love and care for myself again on a deep level. (Best purchase during the last eight weeks? Cozy pajamas in hot pink fleece!)

After a almost a lifetime of being self-conscious about how my body was viewed by society, I have finally taken the leap to do my fashion blog, and not be held back. I decided to embrace my size and I also encourage my followers to do the same. I am trying to define myself on my own terms, not society’s, and not feel self-conscious about being photographed, which is what had held me back from moving forward with my blog. However, I now feel so comfortable in my skin and this new confidence has allowed me to have more fun and enjoy my photo shoots.LMWL has helped relieve this fear, which I feel has also helped me in my career as a wardrobe & personal stylist. Conquering my fear has enabled me to have the understanding of being on both sides of the camera, which creates an advantage that I can now use when approaching each new project.

I also feel a lot more confident in my skin. I always had a “say yes” mentality in my career but not in my personal life. This program has helped me make life more of an adventure – something I had wanted to do when I had moved across the country to LA this spring. I feel my life is more full and by doing this I have felt more settled in my body.

I finally feel like the woman I’ve always imagined wanting to be, even if it’s not at 140lbs – which I wouldn’t even know if I got to that weight because I have given up my scale.

I feel I am now living my life truthfully and LMWL has been the ending to my journey of self-discovery I’ve been on since graduating graduate school.

“She’s a warm, engaging, and loving coach, and her style makes you want to be her best friend and hang out.. with a glass of wine and lots of laughs. Sarah’s perceptive in an amazingly intuitive way, and she generously shares her own stories of finding her own healthy, gorgeous weight, and the love of her life to share it with.”Holli Thompson, Founder of
I have learned to appreciate my body and listen to her more.

I have learned so much more about myself and what I can do and realize that weight is not just about food it has to do with all the missing pieces in your life.

Because of this program I was able to make a decision with my career that I am absolutely thrilled about. If I had not done this program I would have probably chosen another career just for the money and never would have considered my happiness. I have also really started to take care of myself more; I make sure I put on makeup and buy clothes that really fit my body that I love. I take my time to get ready in the morning which helps me prepare and get a great mental space for the day!

Thanks so much for doing this Sarah I look forward to the next session! I have loved this and I will be redoing all of the modules again and again.


I find myself being much more present and aware when I eat, especially since I’m eating without distractions almost all of the time which is something I have NEVER done before.

The most valuable thing I discovered through this program is that I have been giving away my power to men since I was in kindergarten.

It was quite shocking to learn, to say the least. Now knowing this about myself, it’s going to be a key thing I work on going forward with dating and finding my soulmate. I can’t wait.

I have finally started my life!This program has given me the courage to really put myself out there from a friend perspective. I’m making new friends and accepting social invitations far more than I ever have, something I was missing but didn’t realize until this program.

Live More Weigh Less has showed me how important it is to take time out for myself every morning, feed my body what she needs and to partake in some form of movement with my body every day.

This is such an amazing program – thank you! I have a six year old daughter and I hope that I can continue to model this behavior for her!


Sarah has helped me become much more mindful of my eating practices. I’m learning to eat without distractions and am only eating only the best foods available. Overall I’m seeing a huge difference in my life.

I’ve come to realize that so much can happen just by sending out those positive vibes into the world.

Last summer, while I was working with Sarah, I got my dream job. It is not only giving me a chance to grow and develop in my field, but it is also allowing me to finally feel financially stable. I just returned from a trip to London, Scotland, and Ireland. Something I never dreamed possible before landing this new job.

“Sarah takes the “miserable” out of weight loss and makes it a hip, fun, and sexy experience so her clients actually keep it off too. She’s pure magic.”Liz DiAlto, Founder of Tighter in 10 and
I don’t think there are words that describe the changes I’ve seen. I knew that I needed to change, I even knew some of the changes that I needed to make but this program has allowed me to make changes that I didn’t even know were possible.

I have made my life fun and exciting in a way that allows me to love myself instead of hating myself for perceived failures only seen by me. I never realized how often I was negative about myself and about other people. My body feels so much better and I’m so much happier with everything in my life.

I was recently in Alabama visiting my best friend and she commented on how I am the most together person she knows. This was a huge breakthrough for me, considering that just three months ago I was crying my way to work every morning I was excited to get that feedback.

I’m not focused on my weight anymore. In fact, I just got back from vacation in the south and part of my adventure was to indulge myself in the delicious, deep-fried, down-home cooking. Now that I’m home I’m back on track and accept that it will take some time to feel my best again.

I’m not dating a whole lot yet but I am flirting way more and engaging so much more with the men around me. On my vacation I spent a couple days in Nashville by myself. One night I was out listening to the amazing music and I talked and danced with different guys all night and didn’t buy a single one of my drinks all night. I am so much happier in my job and in my life. I feel like myself again.

This program is amazing. I am so grateful I discovered Live More Weigh Less when I did, This discovery seems to have made everything in my life line up to make this all possible. I’ve found myself again, and it’s amazing.

I have recognized how much kinder I need to be to myself, and how many rules I had started to assign to my life. I am having much more fun. This program has opened my eyes; I’ve started thinking more about the dynamics of my relationships, and am trying to shift that paradigm.

I have no idea how much weight I have lost, but I have definitely gone down a full size. My sex life is definitely better, and I am happier when I exercise, because I stopped doing things I hate!

Because of Live More Weigh Less I’m discovering the importance of friendships in my life and I am trying to go on at least one friend date a week.

I’ve also started a swap with another SAHM for some “me” time during the week, and I’ve just had my very first massage! It was absolutely amazing!

I’ve become so much more confident in my decision making ability and I’m adding a lot more fun to my life on a daily basis. I feel so much more connected to my life, body and to everyone I meet. It’s a very magical experience for me. I’m a work in progress, but I’m so thankful for this program.

I don’t know if I’ve lost weight on the scale, but I do know that I stand a little bit taller, prouder of who I am and who I am still becoming.

I take more time to appreciate each moment and cultivating my relationships with my girlfriends and my business has been instrumental.

Thanks so much to Sarah for such a beautiful, loving and gentle program. I felt so safe and it’s inspired me to keep on growing as a person.

Because of Live More Weigh Less I feel more confident in so many areas of my life. I went out and bought new clothes that actually fit my body and I have received so many compliments because of that. I had definitely become disconnected with spirituality and I have found that LMWL has helped me investigate that and to also deal with my anxiety in a more positive way.Although I don’t like aspects of my job, this program has helped me view it as a choice. I have been able to make requests to the principal at the school where I teach to make improvements to my schedule and workload to make the job and demands more enjoyable, I feel much less trapped by it.

I have lost weight throughout the program but more importantly, my husband and coworkers said I looked, “fresher,” more energized, and have a “healthy glow.” :)

When I get up early and meditate, I feel so much better, and although it is a struggle, I’m enjoying it.

The meditation also has helped me as I am going through IVF. At the start, I felt healthier and also am able to deal with the stress more and really feel positive regardless of the outcome. I feel more attractive and therefore have a better sex life with my husband (which really helps because IVF can make everything seem mechanical and sex can become off-putting).

Finally, eating without distractions has been the biggest and most helpful change and is now a habit. I feel like I can eat anything I want, but I have to really sit down with a plate and fork at the table and it is an amazing difference. Even my 3 year old daughter now says, ” We should eat without watching TV. We need to eat as a family.” :)

I have been making more time for myself since beginning Live More Weigh Less (I try to make myself my first priority).

I’ve also tried to incorporate more fun in my life. I haven’t weighed myself since I started the program. This is a really big deal because before this program I became pretty scale obsessed.

This program has helped me make a conscious effort to keep in mind the question, “How do I want to feel in 45 minutes?” That seems to help me. I pay attention to how food makes me feel and I’ve been journaling more consistently about my observations. I also can recognize when I’m emotionally eating and my binges have reduced.

This program is really awesome and I will can’t wait to participate in the next round!

This program has made me realize it is okay to be pretty. I’ve been taking time for myself and really enjoying it. Adding pleasure to my life. Buying and wearing dresses!

I still have a ways to go but I am on the right track. I didn’t lose any weight but that wasn’t the purpose – I enrolled in this program because I just wanted to be happier. I actually lost 50 lbs over 3 years ago and have managed to keep it off, but the happiness was still missing from my life – even after the pounds went missing. I’ve also learned that when I indulge in something super delicious, I try and enjoy it as much as I can and don’t allow myself to feel guilty.

During one of our group coaching calls, I mentioned that I had a month-long paid sabbatical coming up and Sarah was so excited for me and told me to start planning. Well, I hesitated and kinda went back and forth between going to California or Portland for a month and just bumming around. What I secretly wanted to do was go to Paris, but I was afraid to travel alone. I had originally started planning the Paris trip a year ago, but just stopped thinking about it. I didn’t want to go alone, be the “fat” girl on the plane and at the sites, etc. But then, I received a call from my aunt asking me to meet her in Paris and travel to her house in the south of France. I decided, what the hell. It’s meant to be. And so in 5 days, I had:Applied for an expedited passport
Received a bonus and raise from work (allowing me to afford the trip)
Paid for the hotel and plane tickets
Received a ton of well wishes from friends
And…told my mother NO when she insisted I travel with a group tour instead of exploring by myself

It was a whirlwind of excitement and I knew the Universe was sending this experience my way. I know that I am open to receiving all of this because of the things I am still learning about myself…and the catalyst for all of it is LMWL.

I traveled in Paris for 11 days and then the South of France for another 11. Can you believe it? Who gets this kind of opportunity? Well, I am learning…ME! When we start to care for ourselves, the sky is the limit.

Thanks for creating this program and I look forward to round 2 in October!

I have added Fun-activities in my life and I find myself searching for new ideas almost every day. I´m working towards achieving my painted picture every day.

This program has opened my eyes to find fun in the little things and experience all of the beautiful things in my life.

Finally :) I have improved my English skills, I actually enjoyed this writing (although it is difficult to answer these questions even in Estonian :)). Thank you for this pleasurable program and I´m looking forward to participating again next time!!! See you!

Käthlin Koovits

I came to an early conclusion that nothing worked when it came to losing weight. Diets, exercise, weight loss supplements and even hard core bootcamps did nothing but make me feel worse. I had accepted that I was going to be overweight and miserable for the rest of my life.

Then I met Sarah…and she turned my world upside down!

This woman blatantly told me that I COULD eat chocolate, wine and cheese AND lose weight. She showed me I COULD exercise how I wanted and the pounds would drop off. She explained to me that I COULD do whatever I wanted that made me feel good and that would be enough to tip the scales and my misery backwards. I thought this woman was crazy but in fact she’s genius because it all works! And now I’m actually able to enjoy my life and my body.


When I initially signed up for coaching with Sarah. I was eager to get started immediately. Fed up with my body, my mind, and my continuous battles with food, I was determined to never diet again and feel great about my body but had not a clue where to start. Before starting sessions with SarahI went through her entire Live More Weigh Less program in just a couple weeks. I was hooked. I listened to the modules over and over, took notes, listened in my car, on my couch, before I went to bed. Nearly every time I listened I learned something new.Most surprising to me was how little Sarah actually talked about the actual “food” problem I thought I had. When I started to learn that I didn’t have a weight or an eating problem but rather a “stress” problem, everything seemed to click. Through LMWL and her amazing coaching Sarah has taught me just how important it is to have fun right now, to do more right now, and to stop holding off buying that dress when I am finally the “right” size.

LMWL started a new and exciting life for me. With assignments such as go shopping, plan a vacation, or add more pleasure in your life, how can you not love the program?

The instant I started listening to LMWL I felt an instant connection with Sarah. Sure she was talking to all the women in the program but I felt like she was talking exclusively to a group of her closest friends. She is real, honest, and full of knowledge. I would sincerely recommend LMWL to any woman wanting to ditch the diets altogether and make life a total blast!

Sarah helped me to really find what was making me unhappy beyond the weight. I have tried so many things and this is the first time I feel like I am doing the real work.

What I found was me – the real me – not the me with an extra thirty pounds but the me that has been dying to break out at any weight.
As a result I am ready to take bigger risks, have connected with my partner in a way we haven’t in years, and I’m actually starting to enjoy my life more than what I thought it would be like at a size 2!

-Geada Ford


Before Live More Weigh Less I knew I needed to grab hold of my emotional eating and move towards a healthier relationship with food. I loved every module and its content but during one of the modules I was forced to look at why I was so afraid of my body and being a woman. After Live More Weigh Less, not only am I feeling lighter in my body, but I am also more conscious about how she is feeling. I am eating so much less and my sense of self-worth has improved tremendously. I catch myself smiling more and saying YES to life now! I am so much happier and more comfortable in my body!

Words cannot express my gratitude for this program that Sarah has created and I know because of Live More Weigh Less I can be that person that I know I was meant to be. I finally feel ready and worthy to live my purpose.

I have been a part of so many “programs” in my life and they never worked for me. I would usually bail on them mid-way–either out of boredom or my inability to stick to their rigid rules. I’m a girl who needs her freedom and I always felt very constrained by other programs.Before Live More Weigh Less, I didn’t feel like myself. I know that the image I presented to the world was not the person I was deep inside. And I often felt like I was having “out of body experiences.” Now, I feel present! I feel real! I feel like I’m returning to myself! I feel like I’m getting my glow back!

Live More Weigh Less is an absolutely beautiful experience! This program has been completely life changing for me!

-Jeana Milwood

Prior to Live More Weigh Less, I was having a hard time connecting all the dots in my life with my body and relationship with food. Throughout the program I learned how to regulate my appetite, relieve stress and focus on the bigger picture of what is really important.

Since the program I started dating way more.

I started focusing on my life, now to create more art, laugh more, wear clothes that are sooooooo “me” and I have finally met someone who suddenly is on the same page as I am. Accomplished, smart as hell, funny and knows how to dress! Such a plus.


I signed up for Live More Weigh Less because I knew it was time to face the “stuff” I was stuffing down with food. I’ve lost about five pounds, but I FEEL so freaking much lighter!I’m really paying attention to what I eat — both during and after the meal, checking in with how I feel — and I’m letting more pleasure seep into my everyday existence. It isn’t all work work work, then have some ice cream — it’s a much more gentle, soft, and abundant experience of enjoying my shower, my music, my massage, my make-up, AND my food.The most profound takeaway for me was understanding that when I was looking to food, I was REALLY craving something else entirely. I learned to stop eating like a shitbag with that one simple question: how will I feel in an hour? It takes all the concerns about calories and diet away and REALLY makes me check in with my body.

Without LMWL, I would still be measuring, weighing, and despising food.

-Kristen Kalp


I used to turn to food for comfort when things were very hard and when my kids were at their dad’s. I also had this feeling that I was always wrong, bad, not doing enough or couldn’t trust my own instincts about myself and my life.Sarah’s coaching was very right-on. She has great instincts for what is going on with people and what they need. I felt she went to the heart of the matter with each and every woman, in a way she could understand. Sarah’s advice to me around writing was extremely grounding and anchoring. I was so impressed that she honed right in on what I needed.

The tools Sarah has shared during the program leave you with so much room for self-exploration and I am so much happier with my life after taking part of this program.

I am more relaxed, fun, and easy-going than I have ever been. I enjoy planning meals and do not allow food to dictate how I feel.

I just put on a bathing suit for the first time around my husband’s family. I owned that suit and rocked it on the beach all weekend!

Sarah I love you and am so grateful that you are coming back in September! Your voice is so relaxing and reassuring and I think going through LMWL again only helps me become a better person…and waiting a year is just WAY TOO LONG!


In the year and a half leading up to Live More Weigh Less I was struggling with my weight, body image, and self-esteem. I had my heart broken when a relationship ended and turned to food as a way to numb the pain. While I wanted to get out and start dating again, I hadn’t.Through LMWL, I was able to identify my fears and figure out exactly what has been holding me back in all aspects of my life–from eating to dating to my career. I stopped weighing myself and started focusing more on bringing pleasure into my life. Since completing the program, I have a better relationship with my body and am much more present in my life, especially when I’m eating–which means I’m eating less and healthier.

I’m much happier and more confident. I feel like I’m ready to take on anything!

I had been struggling with body image and body confidence; I have always felt like there was more to maintaining a healthy weight than dieting and I knew that dieting was a lot of work without permanent benefits, so I enrolled in Live More Weigh Less. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “You need to love yourself or no one else will,” well Sarah gives you the actual steps to accomplish that. Since the program I feel more confident and know I am equipped to make better decisions about how to live life to the fullest and feel good about myself. I now realize that I am enough the way I am and no longer talking negatively to my body.

Signing up for the Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp had already been a wonderful experience, but Live More Weigh Less took all of that information to new heights. I had wanted to start working with Sarah less to lose weight and more to connect again with my feminine essence and health after going through some medical issues. My medical problems had impacted my sex life and feelings about my body. Everything in this program applied. I’ve been sleeping better and walking with a lot more swing in my step!

I have previously worked with Sarah and knew what I would be missing if I DIDN’T sign up. I had been working with a counselor to help me push through some gloomy thoughts and feelings I had/have been dealing with and as much as I liked my counselor she wasn’t as action oriented as Sarah. Sarah always encourages you to get out there and take the first step whether it is related to food, exercise, relationships or work.

During this program I was able to figure out exactly what step I needed to take for where I was in my life.

I am finally discovering who I am and learning to treat myself with more love and respect. I realized how dismissive I have been about my feelings over the years and as a result placed my needs too far behind others. I am working hard on my relationship with Dave as I now know that how I feel about us is tangled up with how I feel about myself.

I am still laying the foundation (or rebuilding a long, neglected foundation) for a longer, healthier and I hope happier living. I am not sure why, but I think carrying Sarah’s wise words with me is a great comfort and source of strength. Sarah and the lessons of LMWL are helping me heal.


Sarah, you rock!I thought I knew everything there was to know about eating right and losing weight, and that it was me that was broken. Sarah helped reveal what was really missing and showed me an even better way of loving my body and my life. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her.I’m still working on losing the weight, but I sure am living more.

I get compliments on my looks all the time, and I feel happier and more alive. Sarah’s an amazing coach. If you’ve suffered with your body image or struggled to lose weight, you must hire her!

-Christy Goldfeder, Gold Feather Copywriting,

I signed up for Live More Weigh Less because I was stuck going to a job I hated and struggling with losing the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. Now I’m doing things I love, quit my job, love to workout and am in a much happier place in my life.

This program has helped me realize that I am not alone in my struggles. I have applied the information shared in this program to all aspects of my life and have learned to be more gentle with myself.

Since Live More Weigh Less, I’ve started focusing on doing things that really make me happy. I started volunteering at a local animal shelter and I love it! And I adopted the sweetest, most loving kitty. I am now eating without distractions, doing what I WANT for exercise and not forcing myself to go to the gym when I don’t want to. And I quit the job I hated going to! Thanks to Live More Weigh Less, I was able to make that decision and move forward a lot sooner than I had anticipated.

The modules where Sarah talked about learning to trust that things will work out and learning to lean on your significant other have helped me tremendously on my journey. Thanks to this program I am at a much happier place in my life.

-Marla Schechs,


Working with Sarah allowed me to look at health and wellness in a whole new way. While I had parts of the puzzle to having a healthy life, I couldn’t put them all together until I met Sarah. She made me realize that food was only a small part of the equation. To me, Living More and Weighing Less was about finding joy within myself, embracing spirituality, improving relationships, and treating myself better. Once that fell into place for me, I found I was capable of great things and it encouraged me to try harder, strive higher and truly enjoy life more. To top it all off, getting to know Sarah has been an amazing experience. She couldn’t be more caring about her clients and provides an incredible amount of support.

While this program led me on a personal journey, at no time did I ever feel alone. I knew Sarah was there with her kind encouragement.

Her energy is infectious and made me finally understand things I had struggled with for years. You will not be sorry if you decide to work with Sarah. It was a life changing experience for me!


When I first started my program with Sarah, I had already done a lot of work — a lot of therapy, a lot of coaching, and even an inpatient rehab-stint at one point. I had done everything possible to “get over my food issues,” but I still didn’t feel like I had the answer – like I wasn’t fully fixed.Thus, I was indefinitely on the search for “the cure” to emotional eating and I was convinced I couldn’t go after what I really wanted in life until this mythical “fixed” thing actually happened to me.

Talk about Waiting on the Weight! I totally held myself back – from dating hot guys, from enjoying cool clothes, and most of all, from sharing my experience with women suffering far more than I was – women who would one day ask me to be their coach.

Working with Sarah, I finally started taking action in both my personal and professional life. I started moving towards what I really wanted, regardless of my current weight, or what I thought my life “should” look like before coaching / dating / you-name-it.

Last month I launched my first professional website, and booked three initial consultations within 4 hours of my launch. I am totally indebted to Sarah for her guidance in this venture, and for getting me clear that life comes first — the weight is what follows.

- Isabel Duke.


“Working with Sarah Jenks has changed my life. Period. As cliché as that may sound, it’s true. Before working with Sarah I was struggling with my weight, hating my body and ultimately myself. I have dealt with weight and body image issues practically my entire life, but in college it started to become especially bad. In order to deal with the stresses in my life I would turn to food, emotionally eating, to answer my problems. It was so out of hand that my anxiety eventually led me into an eating disorder. I was in a vicious cycle that I could not escape; I would feel so horrible and disgusted with myself, believing that all my problems would be solved if I simply lost weight. I would start a diet, lose some weight, have a “bad” day and then give up, gaining all the weight back, to simply start the cycle all over again.I dealt with this for five years until I finally decided that I didn’t want to be miserable and in this state for the rest of my life. By chance I read about Sarah on a wedding blog and after all of the pieces fell into place I joined Sarah’s “Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp.” I didn’t care that I wasn’t a bride, I didn’t even have a boyfriend, all I wanted was to finally be happy and that is what Sarah’s philosophy guides you to, a path of self satisfaction. After ten weeks of the Bootcamp and one-on-one calls with Sarah I realized that because of my hectic workday I was using food as my only time to relax. With her guidance I was able to plan out other, healthier ways to unwind after a long day of work and graduate school. I was able to create an action plan of how to schedule work time but most importantly, play time, the key to success. There are no words to explain how much happier I feel with my life and more importantly with myself. I have the tools to deal with my stress and emotions so that I do not feel the need to turn to food and I now have a feeling of calm and peace with myself that I haven’t felt… ever.”

- Sara, Graduate Student and Full-time Teacher


“Before I started working with Sarah, I felt lousy about my body. I thought there was nothing I could do to change it and that I was just going to be fat forever. When I found Sarah’s website I thought wow, finally someone who understands and doesn’t want to put me on less calories, exercise regime. I knew I had to sign up! Although I was a bit worried about the price I overcame that fear by realizing that it is an investment in the rest of my life.I’ve lost 12 pounds, 21 inches all over my body. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!

However, the best part is when I look in the mirror I noticed I have a slimmer face and my pants don’t feel tight anymore!!

But beyond weight, since working with Sarah, my entire life has changed. I’m less stressed, I started doing more for myself and learning more about myself and my femininity. I am eating healthier and loving it, but I also still enjoy sweets and wine at the same time. Sarah taught us how to deal with our stress, and releasing all that has had huge effects on my weight loss weight loss. I changed my schedule around so I could focus on being a student for now and only working part time. It was made my life more fulfilling.

My fiance and I totally have a deeper connection. He says he feels like I’ve been more open with him then I’ve ever been during the 4 years we’ve been dating. Booty camp has deepened our relationship, made me into the woman I was on the inside on the outside, and overall made me feel more alive! Booty camp was the best investment I’ve ever made! It will help me in all aspects of life! If you’re thinking about working with Sarah, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You won’t regret it!!!”

- Ali, Occupational Therapist, New Jersey


“Let me get right down to it: I had serious issues with my breasts. Having gained and lost weight so many times in my life, my boobs had begun to look like those belonging to a 65 year old woman. Sarah had me understand that, energetically speaking, anything lacking love, light, and attention will feel cold, ‘other’-like, and depleted. I was sent home with the assignment to send love to my chest. After just a few days, I noticed how my breasts began to feel fuller, perkier, and livelier. I splurged on some fabulous new, expertly fitted bras, and began wearing clothes that emphasized them more. My boyfriend even began touching them more. Sending my boobs love is now part of my daily love practice. I’m beautiful as I am. I am the Boob Whisperer.”- Michelle K, Advertising Exec


“Before working with Sarah I distrusted my body because I had gone through a difficult medical situation. I felt unfeminine and closed up.As we went through the program, I was taking A LOT of time away from school/teaching to work out, to go shopping, to have wine on my balcony with my husband, to daydream, to nap. Since making those changes I have less anxiety, I feel more sexy and more confident. Not only have I noticed positive changes in my body but my husband and I are having much more fun!! There are more dates, more lingerie, less fighting and more adventure.

I was 100% committed to the self-care, but I was doing it to get my body and my femininity back, and I truly thought my work would have to suffer. The stories about women getting raises and doing better at their jobs as they went through a similar process seemed real, but for some reason I just didn’t think that would be my story. I could not have been more wrong!

I’m getting the most positive feedback I’ve ever gotten on my papers, my ideas are SO much more creative, and my teaching is, I think, much more fun & useful. I was worried about what I’d be doing this summer when the school year ended, but I’ve been offered an amazing research job at my DREAM non-profit that works on fighting sex trafficking, my school program awarded me research money to do my own work over the summer, AND just yesterday I was offered a job in Italy for July! It. is. insane. I was also accepted into my first international conference, which will be in November, in Puerto Rico.

Honestly, the program was 100% worth it simply for the changes I was feeling in my life and my marriage — but now I realize those happy effects spilled over in amazing ways into my productivity JUST LIKE YOU SAID IT WOULD!

Definitely work with Sarah!! It is worth every penny, and much more. She is great!”

- Kim, Teacher, Washington D.C.


“When I first started my goal was to lose 15 pounds. After a few months I completely forgot about my goal and just concentrated on my relationship to food and my approach to eating. I was never the type to get on a scale…ever. But I was at the doctors office last week and they always make me get on the scale. When the number appeared and I asked what I had weighed in at last year I discovered I had lost 15 pounds. I was amazed. I had lost 15 pounds by practicing some very simple strategies Sarah and I had worked on such as only eating when you are hungry, trying to stop when you are no longer hungry, and giving your body what it really wants to eat. I was excited to have lost 15 pounds, but honestly, I cared so much less than I thought I would! I’ve made so many amazing changes in my life, including the way I approach food and relate to my body, that the weight didn’t matter so much anymore.”- Rachel, Broadway Stage Manager, NYC


“Finding Sarah was one of the best things that ever happened to me. She helped me realize that my biggest challenge was my biggest opportunity, and that it was actually also my greatest gift. Sarah helped me find the courage to relaunch my nutrition business so that I could start to live my purpose. An unexpected bonus of working with her was the positive impact it had on my relationship with my boyfriend — until then, I hadn’t realized that I was not only self-sabotaging myself, but that I was doing the same thing to my relationship. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to live more and weigh less.”

- Silvana Perelli, Intuitive Weight Loss Coach

“Sarah is open, understanding, and one of us. She is not afraid to be proud and up front about who she is, and that inspires others to do the same. One of her phrases that has stuck with me was something along the lines of… ‘you would never tolerate a friend who called you fat all the time, so why do you tolerate it when you do it to yourself’. This thought has carried through to many aspects of my life. I would never put up with a friend who told me I wasn’t good enough at my job, or couldn’t find love, or would never be able to build my own business, so why would I say those things to myself? My ‘self talk routine’ has changed immensely since working with her.”- Sarah Shechter, 26, Chef

“Before I met Sarah, I hated my body. I was an obsessive, compulsive eater caught in a cycle of denying myself food only to binge later. It made my life miserable, and I never had any fun. I avoided parties and I had lost my spark, my enthusiasm and my love for life. Everyday I would wake up and think, here I go again.Sarah has helped me to turn my life around.Sarah’s strategies are brilliant and they don’t all revolve around food. For me, getting up ’2 hours before’ work or University has been the most transformational. I feel confident throughout the day, knowing that I have spent time on myself; I don’t reach for the nervous cookie or the stress chocolate. Sarah has taught me to fall in love with things other than food and to embrace my femininity. I enjoy every little detail of living from my eggs and toast on my beautiful vintage plate to booty shaking in a sexy outfit with the music pumping.

I have seen amazing transformations in my body: I have lost 10 pounds, my shape has changed and my clothes fit better. Before, I imagined that losing 10 pounds would be the best result imaginable from this program, but it’s not! Being able to love my body unconditionally and enjoy life to the fullest is by far the best result.

I had struggled with irregular periods for years and had seen every professional under the sun including, Chinese herbalists, doctors, nutritionists and more, but they never found an answer. After Sarah’s program, my hormones are balanced and I’m getting regular periods for the first time ever! This has changed due to Sarah’s amazing coaching.

If you’re thinking about working with Sarah, do it!!! Your life will change immensely. You’ll become one of those radiant women that light up the room with their smile. Your clothes will become looser, your life will become fun, your body will start to feel loved and you will feel feminine once again. This is a life-transforming experience that doesn’t stop once the program is over. It keeps you understanding, enjoying and learning about your patterns, habits and body.

Your obsession about food will move to an obsession about loving your body and having fun.”

- Bec, Aspiring Health Coach, Tasmania.


Before working with Sarah I felt disgusted that I had ‘let myself go’. I felt frumpy and no longer as attractive as I used to be.Now I feel better about my body and I can appreciate it more. I’m not in the shape I once was but I’ve stopped telling myself hateful things. I also love the healthy way of eating that Sarah has taught us.Outside weight and food my life has changed greatly. I quit my dead end jobs to persure my dream career. It’s a big risk but I’m excited about what it means for my business. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s support, advice and inspiration!I had lots of ‘a-ha’ moments when learning about feminine energy. What’s more, it really works! I went out-of-town for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, normally my boyfriend would use that as an excuse to live like a bachelor again, but when I came home, he had cleaned the house and done all the dirty dishes in the sink, which he usually leaves for me to do. He has also been really excited about our new way of eating and bought a wok so he could cook healthy stir fry meals. Yes, he has volunteered to cook us dinner! I feel like he has stepped up to the plate and has begun acting like a man. He is not a boy that I have to take care of. Thank you Sarah, for helping me realize that even small efforts can have big results!

To anyone considering working with Sarah, you are worth investing in yourself. There is no need to feel guilty about spending the money. The information that you will learn and the changes that you will make because of it are so worth the investment!

- Melissa Hoffman, Makeup Artist, Bay Area, California

When I signed up for Live More Weigh Less I was following a pretty strict diet and exercise regime but was traveling a lot and it was pretty hard to follow. When I slipped, I was totally eaten up by the guilt. The program has taught me to make choices that bring more pleasure into my life and to be nicer to my body. Since participating in this program I am much nicer to myself and when I look in the mirror I don’t feel like screaming or crying anymore.
-Maggie Huffman